• About Us

    Posted on 27 May 2015 20:18


    Dear Customer and Lego Enthusiastic,

    Welcome to Lauren's Bricks LLC. We are a small business based in Odenton, MD and are looking to serve all your Lego needs. We offer a variety of parts and colors and hope sincerely that you will find what you are are looking for at a reasonable price.

    About The Owners

    The company is owned and operated out of our home in Odenton, MD. Lauren, is a stay at home mom, college student, wife and Lego enthusiast who handles the purchasing and inventoring of all that you see on our BrickOwl page and our website

    We try to add new parts and pieces weekly to our BrickOwl page, but due to our busy schedules, inventory updates might be less frequently. This does not impact of promise when it comes to processing and shipping orders. We strive to have your orders out the door and at the post office within 3 business days, often sooner with First Class or small orders, also handled by the primary owner, Lauren.

    The second owner, and only other member of the company, is Lauren's husband Richard, who primary duties include the taxes, financials, tech support, and most importantly, the company driver to pick up all new inventory, mostly large bulk purchases made from Craigslist.

    How We Work

    Most of our inventory comes from people getting rid of their Lego sets and bulk pieces. We purchase typically 20 to 40 pounds at a time. Lauren then spends 12 to 20 hours separating and organizing all those parts and pieces. She spends a couple weeks building sets, often selling incomplete sets at a serious discount from the retail or current value, on BrickOwl, eBay or Craiglist. 

    We then take the leftover pieces, package them in group of 5 or 10, 20 or whatever, and list them on BrickOwl. There is not much profit listing on BrickOwl, but connecting people with the right bricks is part of our mission statement. We love seeing Lego being played with and hate when they sit collecting dust.

    Thus, most of the pieces we list are some quality of used. We do featured some new and like new pieces, but as stated most of our pieces come from smoke-free homes with gently used bricks. We wash the really dusty or smokey pieces, and will tell you in the listing if they are not from a smoke-free home. 

  • Shipping Information

    Posted on 13 Apr 2015 19:51

    Shipping Information

    Shipping Quote

    You will recieve a shipping quote within 24 hours of your request.



    Orders are processed and shipped typically within 3 Business Days after recieving a valid payment.



    First Class Mail and Priority Mail will be scheduled for a Tuesday or Saturday pickup.


    Shipping quotes are based on weight, box type and destination location. We currently only ship using USPS and to US addresses only. You can either request a quote or refer to following chart to use the automatic shipping price option. 


    If the shipping cost exceeds the following chart, you will not be notified or charged additional shipping. We will pick up the difference. :)



    0 oz. to 7 oz. - $3.25

    8 oz. to 13 oz. - $4.50

    13 oz. to 2.5 lbs. - $9.50

    2.5 lbs. to 4 lbs. - $12.50

    4 lbs and above - $17.00



    Returns are generally not accepted. Items are considered in "as is" condition. If item is not as described or to your satisfication, we will try our best to accommodiate you. Buyer always pays return shipping.